Phoesy is poetry made by using a phone and its auto suggested words when tweeting or texting. Start a poem by choosing a word or topic you would like to write about. After that you can only select from the auto suggested words to create a meaningful sentence.


Let today have it's moments
So that it may change your mind
For tomorrow.
- @tv7165

I don't need mirror
'Coz the way you look
Into Mah eyes.
- @i_iarif

My feelings are not allowed to say
That they are trying to
So you can be able to see me
With your own personal injury.
- @adptbl

Here I go to sleep
And my heart is broken
By the same person
Who loves me.
- @eeewing

Carpet of my life
That would be great
Looking out of my own mind in love.
- @RealJoshBooth

Utopia is a member of
The most beautiful place in my heart
And not a part of how I think
I should be but could be.
- @cschnitzler

Daylight hours
After being superseded
In his home from church
With all my followers.
- @majickmanwallis

Love story
Lines from your mistakes
Made for the best part of this world
Coming home from a distance
Of all ages and many times.
- @romantivist

Testing the most likely
To occur when I'm bored at home
And in some way home
On the same day that I am just not sure I am.
- @ahanses

Garbage cans are in my room
Which could never understand why I love you.
- @nickspiers

Socks are the best way to make me smile
Every other weekend at the same time.
- @NeroDaHero

To be in my head hurts like hell
Bent on a date and time consuming the same.
- @Joshopotamus

Testing the most likely
To occur when I'm bored at home
And in some way home
On the same day that I am just not sure I am.
- @ahanses

Games are played
By the way you can be seen
As an example of how the world
Is not a good idea.
- @W4ffles

Love you too much
For the next few years
And I will spend the best payment gateway
To be a member of kindness for you.
- @truHD

My favorite part of this world
Is when you get home.
- @BRT687

Anything but their products
Is to create and maintain
The integrity of your own personal experience.
- @kid_jenius

When oceans collide with my life
As they violently rip off my mind
To make me feel free of people
And to make sure I understand why I love you.
- raayzo

I am going back into my room
This morning shows up and I don't want
You know how much more fun if the world ends.
- @jay_ebooks

When the sky is falling apart
From your life with her
Just watching the first time
Since we left off and die.
- T0ff33

Our app is the first thing that can help me
With my own mind of being tied up with you.
- Jay Bennett

Enter into this new time
And place it on your mind
When it comes from within
Your own words
Can describe how much they mean.
- tiomi

Now that you are going
Back into the world
And I don't think you should
Follow him with your life.
- tiomi

Music from the cat
With my own personal experience
Is the closest thing to me.
- kitty778

Writing about my life
On this day
As if she said she wanted me to do so
Why did my best friends
Become strangers to a new day?
- mreaglejr

Birds are chirping in chains
Of Mississippi in a relationship
Between you and recreational drug use.
- willied

I'd rather be a good friend
Who lives on in my head
Than a second chance
To get some money.
- RoyalAdonis

Love and support your PDA
And then they will never forget
How much money you have.
- mwright554