Phoesy is poetry made by using a phone and its auto suggested words when tweeting or texting. Start a poem by choosing a word or topic you would like to write about. After that you can only select from the auto suggested words to create a meaningful sentence. (how-to movie)

The idea behind Phoesy is to express yourself in a relevant way by using the limited amount of options given to you by your smartphone. The auto suggested words are a combination of your vocabulary used when communicating with others, as well as preset suggestions created by your phones software.

Often the outcome of a poem created by using the phoesy method is rather positively surprising due to its spontaneous and unpredictable nature. Let yourself be carried away by your subconscious mind and the help of a device you already use on a daily base and start writing honest and fresh poetry. We would like to encourage you to tweet us your creative work or use #phoesy so we can find you. If we like your poem we will gladly publish it on this website and credit you for it.

If you have any questions about Phoesy or would like to share some thoughts on the topic, feel free to contact us via email: hi@phoesy.com We are looking forward hearing from you.

Your Phoesy Team